Dubai The Best Valentina

I have always been a sucker for Valentine’s Day. I would be the husband walking around with the huge teddy bear, the bouquet of flowers and the chocolates on Valentine’s Day day. I would either take her out to eat or we would stay in and cook together just to get the night started. However there was this on Valentine’s Day that I’ll never forget and this is why I tell people that I have the best wife in the world.

“Hey babe, I hope you don’t have plans for us to eat out tonight because I have a very special surprise for you.”

“Oh really?” I said my interest already peaked, “Do you care to give me a hint.”

“No, you’ll have to wait. Just come straight home after work and you’ll find out.” With that my wife was gone and I was left wondering what in the world to expect when I got home later that evening. I couldn’t concentrate at all that day. My wife was a little bit on the freaky side and every time I thought about the things she did in the past I could feel my dick rise. Thank god it was concealed by my desk. The time went by slowly and when it was time to head home I grabbed my jacket and brief case and headed out the door.

I stepped inside the house and delicious aromas filled my nostrils but I knew that wasn’t the only thing that would be on the menu tonight.

“Hey baby I’m home,” I dropped my jacket and briefcase on a chair and began loosening my tie as I headed to the bedroom. My wife came out and closed the door quickly behind her. She wrapped her hands around my neck and pulled me into a deep kiss before pulling away.

:Hey baby are you ready for tonight?” My wife was wearing heels with an extremely, seductive lingerie that hugged all her curves. Her long black hair was pulled up in a tight bun and she was wearing makeup. My wife rarely wore makeup but when she did it was to bring out her inner freak. I knew tonight would be one to remember.

“Come sit over here and I’ll bring out the first course for you.” She walked me over to the sofa and pushed me in gently. I watched as she went back into the bedroom and soon walked out wheeling a trolley.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. On the trolley was a girl covered in fingered foods and dips. I looked over at my wife and she smiled. We had talked about having a threesome for quite some time but we never finalized anything. My guess is that she called the escort agency. My wife was a very private person and hiring an escort was the safest way to go.

I went over to my wife and kissed her, “So I see that we’re having that threesome tonight.”

“Actually yes and no. I want to see you fuck her. I know that you like anal and I don’t so I figured that this would be the best gift ever.”

I walked around my human platter and my wife knew exactly the type of women that turn me on, thick and busty. I took a carrot and dipped it into the cream cheese that was on her left breast ensuring to dip far enough to touch her nipple as I swirled the cream cheese onto the carrot. My wife and I enjoyed feeding and licking everything off of our “plate”. Now that the frosting was gone, our playmate was lying naked on the trolley.

I pulled our playmate from the trolley and put her to sit on the sofa. My wife used her mouth to put on a condom then I was ready for action. I told our playmate to get on my dick and my wife sat mere feet away waiting anxiously for the show to begin.

As she eased onto my dick I held on to her hips. I moaned as her pussy encircled my dick. Her warmth was overwhelming. I held her hips and she bounced up and down on my cock. Her breasts were bouncing up and down in front on me giving me the opportunity to lick and tease them with my mouth. I held her hips tightly and rocked her back and forth on me. Her pussy was clenched around my dick and I rolled my eyes in my head.

I lifted her up and turned her so that her ass was now facing me. I passed my fingers and her pussy and used her self-lubrication on her ass. I watched my wife with her fingers deep in her pussy and I winked at her. She pulled out her fingers and licked them sensually before replacing them into her wet pussy.

I pushed my dick into our playmate’s ass and she moaned deeply. The more I pushed the more she rocked back into me. When my entire dick was in I held on to her shoulders and fucked her hard. She gripped onto the sofa to balance herself. I lifted one of her legs and placed it on my shoulder causing her to scream out.

“Fuck yes, fuck me deep.” She was panting so hard I almost didn’t make out what she said.

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