What does it take to become a model Escort

Escort Girls who dream of connecting their lives with fashion are interested in how to become a model for a girl at the age of 18. A dream job is associated with wealth and luxury, an interesting lifestyle: beautiful outfits, expensive cosmetics, travel, communication. Not everyone succeeds in moving up the career ladder. Numerous offers make it possible to find an alternative.

The beauty industry requires not only girls 18-30 years old, some women can become an age model even after 50. The requirement is a desire to work, aspiration, looseness. Attractive external data and parameters are not enough to succeed and earn money.

Fashion representatives, who are needed by employers and clients, are distinguished by their bright character and the ability to present themselves. And it doesn’t matter if a woman matches the exact parameters or not, you can become a model with short stature, lush breasts, the main thing is to be interesting in communication.

The girl must find an approach to people. To do this, it is important to be well-read, diversified and keep up the conversation. Choose an image based on style, appearance or manner of communication – sophisticated, bohemian, “girl” or slightly casual. You need to know the strengths, be able to present yourself. What should be the girl’s parameters: height and weight to become a escort Dubai depend on the direction of work. Catalogs require “divas” that look like real people, not bohemians.

Common parameters – height 170 cm, figure 90-60-90 with slight deviations. But the tastes and requirements of employers and clients are different. Girls who do not have such data may well become successful. Non-standard ladies are also popular. A relatively new direction in this area is escort services. The employer selects women taking into account certain characteristics, sets limits: from how old a woman can become a model to how long. The main thing is that the applicant is 18 years old.